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Lessons from Lamborghini

Lessons from Lamborghini

Build a better tractor   

Neighbour has a nice car ….

I wonder if he'd take me for a ride. Maybe my next car, after I sell the 2nd million books ….  As Anthony Robbins would say, have a goal in mind and give yourself rewards as you pass the milestones.

Do you know the story of Lamborghini?

Mr. Lamborghini was a big fan of Ferrari and he owned a few. He had made his money as the owner a tractor manufacturing company in Italy. At one point, he had a few complaints

about what he thought were deficiencies in the style and performance of his Ferrari. So he sent a message to Ferrari with a few suggestions for improvement. After a few more complaints, and suggestions, they replied with something rude about him sticking to tractors with his advice.

So he built his own cars and showed them what he could do.

Good lessons for Enlightened Entrepreneurs. Listen to the customer. Learn from the competition. Improve on what they do well and fix the deficiencies.

(Now about that test drive, ….)

Be better. Do better.

Del Chatterson, Your Uncle Ralph

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