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Del Chatterson is 

Your Uncle  Ralph



I am an  Entrepreneur, Engineer, Consultant, Coach, Strategic Advisor, Author, and Cheerleader for Entrepreneurs.


(Meet me also online through the Linkedin, Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook links above or the YouTube video link below.)


Originally a small town boy from the Rocky Mountains of British Columbia, I have lived for most of the last fifty years in the fascinating, multicultural, bilingual, French Canadian city of Montreal, Quebec.

I graduated as an Engineer from UBC in Vancouver, followed by an MBA from McGill in Montreal.  I was six years in management consulting with Coopers and Lybrand working with businesses across Canada, in Europe and Central America.  More recently, I have worked as a business consultant with many entrepreneurs and with clients of the Business Development Bank of Canada (BDC).

As an entrepreneur, I was eight years growing a distribution business, TTX Computer Products, from zero to $20 million, then two years to $35 million and five months back to zero. A lot learned form that experience!  

As a consultant I've also worked on start-ups in Internet and e-commerce businesses. In my consulting business, DirectTech Solutions, I worked with many entrepreneurs  to improve their business performance. Clients have been from a wide variety of businesses, ranging from bus manufacturing to a ski resort, from a pet store to a machine shop, from an abrasives manufacturer to several Internet based businesses. The client challenges have included business start-up, operating management issues, strategic leadership, performance and profit improvement, and management succession and exit strategies.


Your Uncle Ralph is my alter ego and comes from all that experience plus everything that I have learned from the good and bad managers I have worked with over the years.  Coincidentally, Ralph is my secret middle name and was my father’s first name. Uncle Ralph is definitely much wiser than I am and has experienced more than I could possibly have lived through myself. Uncle Ralph’s interest is to share his ideas, experience and advice with other executives, entrepreneurs and managers to help improve their businesses and their lives.  Of course I will also learn something in the process and look forward to sharing that too.

In recent years, I have gained international business exposure working as a Volunteer Adviser with CESO (Canadian Executive Services Overseas), an agency providing aid to countries in developing economies.  It has been an enlightening experience to share my ideas and solutions with entrepreneurs who are facing the additional obstacles of high poverty, untrained workers and limited or ineffective infrastructure.

My objective with and with my writing, coaching, counselling and advising  is to help entrepreneurs be better and do better. Better for themselves, their families, employees, customers and suppliers, their communities and the planet. 

Be better. Do better.

Your   Uncle    Ralph  

Del Chatterson

Del Chatterson

(Meet me also online through the Linkedin, Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook links above or the YouTube video link below.) 



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