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Consulting & Advisory Services

DirectTech Solutions

Creative, practical business solutions. Delivered


DirectTech Solutions offers consulting and business advisory services to entrepreneurs, managers, and business owners. Helping businesses to be better and do better.

Dedicated to Enlightened Entrepreneurship and the principle that doing better for the business and the owners also means doing better for the employees, customers and suppliers, communities and the planet.

Be Better Do Better.


Consulting Services

  • Corporate strategies to take your business to the next level.

  • Performance improvements that increase the value of your business.

  • Exit strategies for management transition and change of ownership.

  • Workshops and seminars to share ideas, experience and inspiration for entrepreneurs and managers to be better and do better.


Creative.  Practical.  Delivered.


We have professional consulting experience from working with clients across Canada and around the world. Our proven consulting methodologies and approaches provide the best solutions for each particular client.

Corporate Strategy and Business Plans

Our approach to strategic business plans has been developed from a consolidation of best practices and our extensive experience as entrepreneurs and consultants. We have consistently found that the greatest value from preparing a business plan lies in the strategic planning and analysis process itself, more than in the final document.

SNAP Review: Strategic Needs Assessment and Performance Review

With this comprehensive business diagnostic, we assess your strategic position, your plans and objectives and analyze your current performance. After review with management, employees and customers you will have well-supported plan to achieve better results.

Transition Planning

Be Better Now and Exit Sooner

We help business owners to plan their transition strategies - building a business that is less dependent on them and maximizes business value prior to their exit and transfer to new management.

Key issues:

  • Current business position, performance and estimated market value.

  • Potential growth and value enhancement opportunities.

  • Assessing potential strategic buyers and sales strategies.

Delivering creative, practical business solutions

Our services and approach to management consulting are all part of what makes us a unique, valuable, and cost-effective resource for organisations that are seeking higher levels of performance.

Our Approach

Our objective is to help you achieve your objectives. Our only product is a satisfied client. Our approach is always to understand your business and competitive environment, before undertaking a particular assignment. We then work directly with management and staff in a focused and results oriented approach.

See our recommendations on How to Choose, Use, and Not Abuse your Consultants


The name DirectTech Solutions reflects our original consulting theme of combining effective management with appropriate technology to achieve better solutions.

Direction + Technology = Solutions


We would be pleased to assist you and your business with creative, practical business solutions. Delivered.

DirectTech Solutions
Business strategy

"Matchless expertise and professionalism... not to mention a very human side. I would not hesitate to recommend to anyone seeking professional guidance in making their business grow."  Owner, Retail Business
"DirectTech helped us focus our marketing message.... We were very impressed with their thorough, yet budget conscious approach to project management."  Marketing Director, National Distributor
"DirectTech respects and understands the entrepreneur... they led us to focus on the most important issues... always respecting established priorities and schedules ..., DirectTech Solutions professionally delivers what was agreed."  Entrepreneur, Office Furniture.
"A key resource in reviewing our current performance issues and helping us take our business in a new strategic direction"  President & Owner, Technology Company.
"DirectTech experience and expertise were utilized to develop a bullet proof business plan... the business, sales and marketing know-how reflected in the plan will certainly attract new investors."  President, Procurement Services.
"The best $100,000 I ever spent!"  General Manager, Canadian Mining Company.

Satisfied clients are our only product.
In our experience, this result is assured only if the expectations are well defined from the beginning and for successful project completion the following five criteria must be met:

  • NEED: a clear opportunity exists to solve a problem or achieve competitive advantage.

  • WANT: the solution is desirable to all management and staff members who will be affected by it.

  • CAPACITY: the organization has the time and budget available for the project.

  • COMMITMENT: management and staff are both determined to meet the project objectives and provide the support required through implementation.

  • CAPABILITY: management and staff are capable of assisting with the analysis and development of solutions and can also support the new plans and initiatives after the project is completed. 

  • Assisted experienced business owners in a consulting business, an industrial supply manufacturer and a heavy equipment distributor to prepare their management transition plans and exit strategies. Developed and supported action plans to enhance business value, strengthen management teams, introduce new strategic partners and successfully sold the industrial supply business meeting all the owners’ objectives. 

  • For a pharmaceutical consulting firm and a precision machine shop, completed a strategic business diagnostic and performance review, followed by the development and launch of new corporate positioning with better marketing and sales processes, including web marketing strategies.

  • Provided direction to entrepreneurs developing their Strategic Business Plans to launch or expand their businesses in Web development and Internet services, industrial valve manufacturing, global manufacturing and distribution of health care products and a plastic container manufacturer.  

  • Advised business owners in stressful cash flow situations on the appropriate strategies and tactics to improve their results, including negotiating continued support from their suppliers and sources of financing.  Clients included importers/distributors of automotive and recreational products, a consumer products manufacturer and a sporting goods retailer.  

  • Provided business coaching for entrepreneurs to improve their strategic management, operating performance and financial results.  Clients included a fur garment manufacturer, an organic grocery store, a commercial air conditioning contractor, a Web and online games developer and an Internet service provider.

  • Management consulting experience has included work with a property developer, a ski resort, a meat packing plant, a bus manufacturer, pet and toy stores, software developers, computer manufacturers, a medical instrument manufacturer, a digital printer, an online advertising agency, consulting engineers and a gear manufacturer.

Please contact us for more ideas on the use of our professional consulting and business advisory services ....  

Satisfied clients are our only product.   

Consulting approach
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