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Great hockey game, but much too stressful for a Friday afternoon at the office!

I'm still not agreeing with the coaching decisions, but some of the choices seem to be working out. Who knew Jamie Benn before this. And happy to see another BC boy and Montreal Canadien do so well - attaboy Carey Price!

But how could you not include P.K. Subban and Martin St. Louis? Two superstars that make a difference every time they play.

My approach would have been to pick the best possible team for talent and experience and put them on the ice from start to finish. Let them learn to play together and get over the added pressure of being still "on evaluation".

No way to build a winning team - in hockey or business.

(I know they are winning, but it shouldn't be this close. It just proves that when we have the luxury of a surplus of talent, it may be enough to make up for bad management.)

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