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Tiger Woods’ train wreck

Personal life can affect your business (and your golf).

That is the painful and expensive lesson that the one-man industry known as Tiger Woods is learning the hard way.

Interestingly, in my recent discussions on the "Seven Biggest Mistakes that Entrepreneurs Make", that was No. 7: Letting Personal Issues Affect Your Business.

Tiger already knew that his personal image and reputation for integrity as an athlete, a man, husband and father were allowing him to earn sponsorships worth ten times his golf prize money . He worked hard to protect and maintain that image, which makes it even more astonishing that he would be so stupid and careless as to allow himself the bad choices he has apparently made. The attractiveness of his image and the public fascination with Tiger has now become an ongoing train wreck that he has managed badly and completely lost control of the media circus around it.

Disappointing for all of his fans and admirers, me included. But a high profile reminder that your personal life can intrude anytime into your business. Best to follow my mother's good advice, "Don't do anything that you wouldn't do if I were there."

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