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Tiger is not the only story at the Masters

Finally we are back to golf!

Tiger Woods at the Masters still seems to be the biggest story, but I sense the media frenzy will end soon as he gets back to golf and we all get past the fascination with his sordid escapades.

And there are other fascinating golf stories to follow.

The 50 and 60-year old, Fred Couples and Tom Watson are leading at the Masters after the first round. (Not so much during day 2 with Englishmen, Westwood and Poulter, leading.)

And the humble gentleman golfer from South Africa (without any known character flaws) is coming off two consecutive wins on tour. He is tied for 16th at one under par, with our Canadian hero, Mike Weir.

And Tiger, in case we're interested in his golf, finished today at 6 under, tied for third and three strokes behind the leader.

Looks like an interesting weekend.

It is so good to be back to business as usual. Enough of the scandalous side shows. Let the politicians and other celebrities provide that fodder for the tabloids.

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