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Super Bowl decisions

Super Bowl ads are always part of the attraction for the 95 million viewers from around the world. For advertisers it was a $2.7 million decision to book 30 seconds.

A good or bad marketing decision? For Budweiser or Pepsi it's a small drop in the bucket of advertising millions they spend every week. For smaller companies it may be an all or nothing budget item and can be a risky bet. In the days there were always a few that spent their venture capital dollars on a Super Bowl ad just because the notoriety was worth the expense. This year there were still a few Internet companies in the mix.

The most controversial ad decision was the commitment to 60 seconds by Under Armour, an athletic underwear brand name that was launching its new line of training shoes. The six million dollar cost represents the equivalent of one month's net income (last quarter was about $17 million). Somebody really believes in the value of advertising.

When will they know if it was worth it?

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