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People make the difference

In business and in golf, it's the people that make it a good experience - whether you're a player or a spectator. (Having just enjoyed David Beckham's performance at the Olypic stadium in Montreal, I can add soccer to the list where good people make a difference.)

Playing partners that respect the rules and etiquette while still challenging you to achieve better results yourself, add a lot to the experience.

For spectators of the PGA Tour, we have learned to appreciate the skill, power and creativity of players like Rory McIlroy hitting a 3-wood 340 yards and bending it down the middle between the water and the trap; and Bubba Watson hooking it out from under a tree over the traps and stopping it on the green.

Meanwhile Tiger has become a sideshow as the "bad boy" of golf. His golf has not been good enough to overcome the bad behaviour, on and off the course.

We would wish him well if we were convinced he was sincerely trying to be a better man, not just trying to get back to being a great golfer.

Until then, we would rather watch and play with the other gentleman golfers we know.

Posted June 2012

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