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Mysteries of human behaviour

I've just returned from an interesting trip to Sept Isles and tour of the Quebec North Shore. Sept Isles is on a large circular bay protected by seven islands (surprisingly) and is a young, prosperous industrial town. Quite unremarkable as a tourist destination.

But it has one characteristic that seems to be entirely unique to the population of Sept Isles. The town has two very popular Tim Horton's coffee shops and strangers cannot help but notice that absolutely everyone takes their coffee in the familiar "roll-up-the rim" paper cup with a plastic straw! They attempt logical explanations that it keeps the coffee from spilling out the flip top opening while driving, but there is really no explanation for it becoming unique to Sept Isles.

It seems to me a useful reminder that human behaviour cannot always be explained, predicted, understood or managed. Just accept it and work with it. Like the counter staff at Tim Horton's in Sept Isles - just punch a hole in the top and give them a straw.

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