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Mom had other plans

Mom had other plans

My last email newsletter and Blog post on December 15th were recommendations to enjoy the holidays.

Unfortunately my Mom had other plans. After a difficult few months at age 97 she was in palliative care and passed away quietly on Christmas Eve. She left us comforted by her three children and with the love and fond memories of her extended family and many friends.

Her last few moments, however, were a small Christmas miracle. I was playing a last game of crib with her and she was winning as usual, even though I was playing both hands, when there was a knock at the door and there was Santa! It was her grandson in his annual tradition of playing Santa and visiting her on Christmas Eve. He came in to say goodbye and a few minutes after he left, Mom gently passed away.

She was a sweet and gentle soul. She left us all with her good advice and memories of her humour, strength and good character every day. She was a self-employed piano teacher for over fifty years, so she was an entrepreneur too. I have shared with you in previous posts some of her influences on me.

In a tribute to Mom and as a reminder to appreciate your own mother, here are two favourites:

Don’t wait until Mother’s Day.

Take the time regularly to turn off the loud and persistent rhetoric of the gurus and thought leaders pushing you to take their advice. Just think about what Mom used to say.

And continue to try to make her proud.

Your Uncle Ralph,

Del Chatterson

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