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Maybe hockey should be more like golf.

I was reading recently a commentary that the new rules in the NHL to avoid a tie are not true to the principles of sport. That is, forcing overtime and then a shootout to determine a winner for every game is simply not right. In real life, great effort, blood, sweat and tears can still result in no clear winner. It's an important lesson of life that we need to learn to accept. Why not in a hockey game?

In business and in golf it also happens that a great effort/shot do not always lead to great results. We've all had great drives off the tee, long and straight, but just ran a little too far into the water or under the lip in a trap. Dammit!

Very much like finally winning a big order from that customer you've been working on for so long - just before he goes bankrupt.

And how about that long, double breaking putt that stops, somehow, just behind the the hole. I think all those short tap-ins from inside 6-inches should just count for 1/2 a stroke. No gimmes, but not a full stroke! Just doesn't seem fair.

And that's the lesson for today. Life, business and golf are not fair. Get over it.

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