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Good for your health

I recently participated in a breakfast seminar with some associates, clients and friends where the guest speaker was Dr. Oomen from the Cardiogenix Medical Centre in Montreal. He is a very dynamic and animated speaker who presented the topic of "Health is Wealth, De-stress for Success" and he had us all motivated to follow his advice and lead healthier, stronger, longer lives.

We were left, however, feeling inadequate trying to be as effective as he was at passing the message on to family, friends and employees. Employees are a particular challenge. Some participants spoke of their frustrations with various programs, large investments and a great deal of time and effort with very marginal results for their staff. Only a few had lost weight or stopped smoking, even with financial rewards or other incentives.

Dr. Oommen seemed to agree that making real progress needs constant attention. Continuous communication, support and encouragement, measuring and rewarding results will all be required before momentum is created and new habits become established.

Nevertheless, it is worth the effort. Everyone wins.

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