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Golf lessons for investors

Interesting perspective today in the National Post today by Kim Covert quoting Drew Abbott of TD-Waterhouse on how the principles for succeeding at golf also apply to successful investing.

Four key concepts that stand out for Abbott:

  1. Intuition - trust your gut feel; learn to do what feels right and stay away from what doesn't feel like a good choice before taking a swing at it.

  2. Discipline - avoid high risk shots that may get you into deeper trouble instead of the heroic results you're trying to achieve.

  3. Sound fundamentals - learn the basic principles, techniques and tactics that are the foundation for getting better results.

  4. Expert advice - keep learning and accept good coaching to improve your game.

All are sound principles that should be kept in mind to achieve better results for your golf and your investment portfolio.

And don't forget to keep it in perspective: past performance is no guarantee of future results.

Enjoy and good luck. That also helps in both golf and investing.

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