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Golf is not like hockey

It's hockey playoff season ( and the Canadiens are already gone!) but I'm reminded that golf is not like hockey.

A recently retired hockey player (or one recently knocked out of the playoffs) was quoted as saying, "What I really like about golf is that after I make a great putt, I don't have to worry about somebody rushing across the green and cross-checking me in the head!" Now there's a difference you can appreciate.

Imagine hockey played by the same gentlemanly etiquette that is expected in golf.

  1. No blocking the shot, let me give you a clear line to the goalie.

  2. Excuse me, don't count that goal, I accidently kicked it in.

  3. You're up, so you go first from the face-off.

  4. Helmets off, shake hands and have a beer together after the game.

Somehow it just wouldn't be hockey.

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