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Golden Glow of Winter Olympics 2010

This week it feels especially good to be Canadian. Sorry (which we apparently say too much), but I just cannot help myself.

Being Canadian is sufficient to feel proud and strong after being such successful hosts of the Winter Olympic Games and winning an all-time record 14 gold medals. I know I didn't do much more than watch and cheer, and clap with my red souvenir mitts, but I still feel part of the team that hosted the games and did so well in almost every event.

Proud to get to know so many new Canadian heroes.

So many who worked so long and hard for their few seconds, or their long ordeal over ice and snow, to prove they could be the best in the world. Such an inspiration to us all to persevere in pursuit of our own goals - however humble they may be.

Go Canada! There is more for us to accomplish and more of us to expose to the world.

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