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Do you Tweet?

Nope, useless waste of time. Wrong!

Like the old days when you first built a Web site, the only reason you are now looking at Twitter is because ... "it's cool, my kids tell me I have to,

customers are asking for it".

Let me give you some other reasons.

My Thoughts on How to Use Twitter for Your Business

First let's review what it is. Aside from all the "New Media" hype and the old media fascination, Twitter is essentially a simplified version of the bulk email newsletter or a short form (140 character) Blog entry. So if you use either if those, you need to check out

It also has elements of the social media sites, like Facebook or LinkedIn, but is simpler, more spontaneous, easy and fun. Not looking for fun? Then consider that it is also interesting, informative and occasionally entertaining to be a Twitter follower. You get new personal insights as well as some good tips, tricks, and tactics from the people you already know and respect - from Harvey Mackey or Tom Peters to Bill Cosby or Tony Robbins. You choose for yourself if you want to follow the gurus or to be a celebrity groupie.

I use Twitter to maintain contact with friends and associates, think out loud, play with words, create new content, add to my Web presence and build a new audience. Any of those may be important to you and your business. It's easy and fast to set up and use or you can just visit and browse the content. Try it.

Or visit my Twitter account and follow me if you're interested. Follow me on Twitter See you there.

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