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7-year old World Champion golfer

In Las Vegas there is a family dedicated to their young golfer and they seem to be getting it right.

Last year at age six, (Yes there is a Kids World Championship for 6-year olds) he won at 7-under-par on 9-hole 1300 yard courses against 82 other kids from 12 different countries. (New York Times and Montreal Gazette, January 7, 2009.)

OK, where's the lesson here?

First for parents: his parents are dedicated to developing their son's talent and moved to Las Vegas to give him a better chance than in Chicago. But they are not obsessed or pushing their son against his will to fulfill their dreams. He is happy, enthusiastic and well-rounded; including other sports and guitar lessons in his life. Other kids are not so fortunate with parents that have to be removed from the course for berating and belittling their young golfers.

And for business: You too can be a World Champion if you choose the right place to compete. No, I don't mean against 6-year olds on a shortened course! But compare your results to a competitor in your industry that is about the same size and sells to the same markets. Now are you doing better than you thought? Is it clearer what you need to do to be the World Champion in that division? Now go for it.

Happy New Year!

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