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The Wanna Be Market

The Wanna Be Market

Are you the hunter or the prey?

Have you noticed how many serious businesses are marketing hard to the Wanna Be market? Wanna be a writer, movie star, professional athlete or internet millionaire? Buy my stuff.

Appealing to everyone who has a dream and is looking for the short-cut to realizing it. Stroking egos and offering to share the secrets, there is a constant barrage of pitches to keep the dreamers spending money and chasing the dream.

The super-spammers continue teasing us with guaranteed success for only $9.97, or $397, or $1997. But now the offers for fast, cheap and “guaranteed” solutions are also coming from Amazon, Shopify and dozens of other mainstream suppliers. Every celebrity guru, pop star, athlete and coach has advice to sell on how you too can be rich and famous, just never give up on your dream.

My advice is to do less dreaming and dig a little deeper into the case studies and testimonials. You’ll find that the real secret, beyond having a dream, is having the talent, doing the hard work and being effective at marketing and promotion. Then a little luck and strong endorsements will help. There is no guarantee, but if you can check off all those requirements, then you are well along the path to realizing your dream. If not, then find a new dream that you can succeed at. It is always a question of finding what makes you unique, what you are good at and what you like to do. Those three make the winning combination.

Of course, marketing to the Wanna Be market has always been here. Convincing consumers that they have to have the product to be happier, healthier, more cool, beautiful, or successful has always been part of persuasive marketing tactics.

You know it works, but the next time you recognize it, check whether you are using it or being used.

Are you the hunter or the prey?

Your Uncle Ralph, Del Chatterson

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