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Biggest Entrepreneur Mistake #5: Marketing is NOT Everything

Biggest Entrepreneur Mistake #5

Marketing is NOT Everything

(An extract from DON’T DO IT THE HARD WAY – Avoid the Seven Biggest Mistakes that Entrepreneurs Make.)

Marketing is not everything. But it is the first important step

in a three-part process to deliver satisfied customers who keep coming back for more. That’s the primary objective of every business: building loyal, long-term, profitable customer relationships.

It’s a Three-part Process: Marketing + Sales + Customer Service to achieve that objective.

Marketing is an area that many entrepreneurs often neglect or do the absolute minimum badly. Marketing is similar to the restaurant business; we’re all exposed to it enough to think that we understand how it works and we can do it ourselves. It’s never as easy as it looks. Both marketing and the restaurant business present challenging requirements for both expertise and creativity. Success is never guaranteed.

In the three-part process, marketing, sales and customer service activities must all be aligned to deliver a consistent customer experience with the company and the brand that builds a customer relationship from first-time buyer to long-term customer. The marketing and sales efforts bring in the first order and customer service delivers on the rest.

Each step has to be done consistently well for consistent profitable growth to be achieved.

Don’t make the Biggest Entrepreneur Mistake #5 – Marketing is NOT Everything  

Be better. Do Better. Be an Enlightened Entrepreneur.

Del Chatterson, your Uncle Ralph

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