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Talent is not enough

Talent is not enough

Commitment to your best effort makes the difference

If you’re competing against the best in world, everyone is talented. To be a winner you’ll have to do more than demonstrate your talent. You’ll need to commit to extraordinary effort and apply it constantly and consistently. Then you have a chance.

Whether you’re watching the NBA finals, or the Stanley Cup playoffs, or Wimbledon tennis, the level of talent and skill on display is awe inspiring. But what is even more awesome is the level of intensity and consistently high level of performance that comes from the commitment to winning.

As one coach observed, “It’s unbelievable how much these guys want to win. Pushing through pain and injuries, they ice it up, tape it up, and suck it up to get back in the game.” Both teams and all the players who make it to that level know what is required to come out ahead. They know the difference between winning and losing may be as little as avoiding one mistake or pouncing on one lucky bounce.

Do you apply that level of commitment and effort on the job everyday? Of course not. Nobody does. The more important question is – can you push yourself to beat the best in the world at whatever you’re most talented at when you're competing one-on-one?

Be better. Do better. 

Del Chatterson, your Uncle Ralph

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