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Sorry! Really?



We Canadians have a reputation for always saying sorry. Sorry,  we're just too polite, I guess. (At least we've stopped saying, "eh," as often as we used to. Sorry if you were counting on that identifying trait. "Canadian, eh?")

It seems like everyone has picked up on the quick apology now, though –– in personal relationships, political exchanges, and customer relations. Sometimes with careful coaching by the PR experts and communications consultants. It's still too often done badly.

My advice? Never say "Sorry, BUT ...”

Always say, "Sorry, AND ...." or don't say, "Sorry," at all.

Sorry, but …, is always followed by an explanation of why you're not really sorry and why the offended shouldn’t be so sensitive.

Sorry, and ..., should be followed by a sincere statement of what you're going to change from now on and how you’re going to make amends immediately to the offended.

Otherwise, don't pretend to be sorry. Don’t apologize; explain if you need to.

Be better. Do better. 

Del Chatterson, your Uncle Ralph

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