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Abuse of loyalty

Abuse of loyalty

Lost to arrogance and greed

Consumers can be fiercely loyal to a brand. Beyond rational explanation and impervious to persuasion to try the alternatives. Until they’re feeling abused or taken for granted.

Even the best of brands make the mistake occasionally. Losing their integrity and showing a lack of respect for loyal customers and fans because somebody decided to push into markets where they don’t fit, to reduce costs and raise profits, or make exaggerated marketing claims for the product.

Choose your own example – Apple, Microsoft, Tesla, BMW or Porsche, Nike or Adidas, McDonald’s or Tim Horton’s? Have they ever tested your loyalty? Enough to switch?

It’s not easy to remain relevant and competitive, adapt to changing consumer preferences and grow in new markets for long-term growth. But it’s essential to respect the integrity of the brand.

Of course, long term success must be based on a clear and unflinching commitment to the strategic vision, mission and values, to the market positioning and corporate image, to the character and quality of the brand.

Necessary innovation, creativity and change can be realized, while retaining current customers, if they are not surprised or disappointed in their expectations for the brand.

Be better. Do better.

Del Chatterson, Your Uncle Ralph

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