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Evil greedy entrepreneurs

Evil greedy entrepreneurs

Reinforcing the stereotypes

There is currently a lot of angry rhetoric around the Liberal government proposals for tax reform related to small business. “Trying to ensure fairness for the hard working middle class,” is their oft-claimed objective. “Removing corporate tax loop-holes only available to the wealthy.”

But the policy debate quickly deteriorates into reinforcing preconceived stereotypes of the evil greedy entrepreneur ripping off the poor exploited wage slave. Critics of the proposed reforms react with their own stereotypes: pitting comfortable over-paid socialist civil servants against noble small business owners that are the engine of economic growth and prosperity for the whole country.

Unfortunately, too much of the raging rhetoric just reinforces the stereotypes.

If we can all be more tolerant and understanding in other cases of biased stereotyping, “Of course, they’re not all like that,” then why not for politicians, bureaucrats, and businessmen. They’re not all driven by ignorance, prejudice and self-interest.

Dealing with real problems is complicated and needs more than a political quick fix. The Liberals are right when they say it isn’t easy, but that is no excuse for doing it badly. A poorly conceived and poorly communicated tax reform package does not help improve the fairness of the system or the understanding of proposed changes.

Be better. Do better.

Your Uncle Ralph, Del Chatterson

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