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My journey from Entrepreneur to Author-preneur

My journey from Entrepreneur to Author-preneur

It’s about the journey, not the destination  

In this presentation, Del Chatterson will discuss his journey from successful entrepreneur to published author and share his experiences and the lessons learned along the way.

Helpful ideas, strategies and practical advice for both entrepreneurs and authors about creativity and the productive processes that lead to achieving your goals.

If you wish to become a writer, it can be a long and winding path and easy to get lost or discouraged with the lack of progress. Remember that there are important milestones that have to be passed:

  1. Live an interesting life

  2. Learn, work, play along the way

  3. Discover yourself, attitude & aptitude

  4. Just do it!

And remember to enjoy the journey, you may never reach your intended destination.

Important principles that apply to both Authors and Entrepreneurs:  

  1. Make good strategic choices

  2. It’s a team sport

  3. Apply P.D.T. – Power, Determination, Technique

  1. Have a purpose and a plan

  2. Define success

  3. Understand your market

  4. Learn by doing

  5. Review, Revise, Repeat

  1. Do it your way!

  2. It’s not about the money

  3. Don’t be shy

4 - Ps of Marketing & Sales 

  1. Persistent

  2. Patient

  3. Polite

  4. Persuasive

Three simple steps in the process:

  1. Design and Build

  2. Produce, Package & Promote

  3. Sell like Hell!


Your choices for professional resources and business partners:

  1. Vanity press

  2. Author services

  3. Traditional publishers

Avoid the curse of “Self-published”

My choices:

  1. AuthorHouse

  2. Tellwell Talent

  3. Canam – Rapido Books

  4. Seeking an Agent/Publisher as business partners

“Do- It-Yourself Published”

It’s simple!

  1. Have a Purpose and a Plan

  2. Design & Build

  3. Produce, Package & Promote

  4. Sell like Hell!

  1. Do it your way!

  2. It’s not about the money

  3. Don’t be shy

And don't forget to enjoy your reading and writing!

Be better. Do better.

Your Uncle Ralph, Del Chatterson

Del Chatterson, Author-Preneur, is an experienced entrepreneur and business advisor, consultant, coach and cheerleader for entrepreneurs.

He started a computer products distribution business in the 1980s and grew it from zero into a $20 million-a-year business in just eight years. He has shared his knowledge and experience with other entrepreneurs for over two decades and more recently has published two business books and a series of novels about entrepreneurship.

Del is dedicated to the promotion of Enlightened Entrepreneurship and generating more support and understanding for entrepreneurs who make a positive contribution to society by recognizing their responsibilities to employees, customers and business partners, their communities and the planet.

His business books for entrepreneurs and the crime fiction novels about an entrepreneur are available online or at your favourite bookstore.

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