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Even Seth gets it wrong sometimes

Seth Godin has to be the best at capturing concepts and then communicating them creatively.

You may know him best from his books, if you've heard of "The Purple Cow", "Survival is not Enough", "Meatball Sundae", "The Big Red Fez" or his original claim to fame -"Permission Marketing". His Blog is also recommended reading for thoughtful inspiration on marketing and communications in general. (Click on the Blog link in the right margin.) But even Seth Godin doesn't get it right all the time. And he admits it as he has re-issued his book "All Marketers are Liars" under the new title, (same contents) "All Marketers Tell Stories".

As he discovered, it may be a catchy title, but it is insulting and unappealing to the intended audience. Another lesson learned.

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