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Entrepreneur Mistake #2: Neglecting strategic leadership

Entrepreneur Mistake #2

Neglecting strategic leadership

The Entrepreneur’s Biggest Challenge: Strategic Leadership + Management Effectiveness

The Entrepreneur’s Biggest Mistake #2 – Neglecting strategic leadership

It’s a non-stop challenge for every entrepreneur to continuously balance the demands for strategic leadership and management effectiveness.

It’s easy for any owner-manager to become pre-occupied with operating issues and short-term problem solving and neglect to provide strategic leadership to the organisation. But it can be a fatal mistake to get lost in the depths of operating details and fail to regularly raise the periscope and scan the horizon for oncoming threats.

Remind yourself of your strategic objectives and long-term goals. Assess performance against the relevance of the operating plans and strategies in place against current market and economic conditions. Keep your eye on both competitive threats and changing customer demands and be prepared to respond.

Management effectiveness and operating efficiency must be continuously adjusted and aligned to point in the right direction to achieve your long-term vision and objectives.

Don’t make Entrepreneur Mistake #2 - Neglecting strategic leadership.

Be better. Do Better. Be an Enlightened Entrepreneur.

Del Chatterson, your Uncle Ralph

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