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Enlightened Entrepreneurship: The Action Plan

Enlightened Entrepreneurship: The Action Plan

If Enlightened Entrepreneurship requires us to practice it, promote it and defend it, does accepting that mission make us missionaries?


Your mission has a Three-Part Plan:

  1. Practice enlightened entrepreneurship and lead by example.

  2. Help other entrepreneurs be more enlightened and thereby more successful.

  3. Advocate for enlightened entrepreneurs and help to defend entrepreneurship against the unfair critics. “We are not evil!”

Start with awareness followed by leadership and management that confirm the value of merging our business goals with our social responsibilities. It is not sufficient to organize an occasional charitable event or community project to serve as a “guilt-eraser” or to counter-balance irresponsible behaviour in daily business operations. It is essential that daily business operations reflect our enlightened business culture and social values.

There will still be critics and non-believers. They cannot be ignored.

So enlightened entrepreneurs must continuously advocate, explain and defend the contributions of entrepreneurship to create a better world.

As more successful entrepreneurs join the conversation, the more convincing we will be.

We need you. So step up and join the cause.

Be a missionary for Enlightened Entrepreneurship.

I look forward to joining you.

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