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Customer Service is Marketing?

Customer Service is Marketing?

Simply deliver what you promised 

A recent Linkedin article argued that Customer Service is the new method of Marketing – do it right and traditional marketing is unnecessary.

I would argue that it’s an essential element of a three part process – Marketing, Sales and then Customer Service – to deliver the objective of attracting, satisfying and keeping loyal, long-term profitable customers.

The three elements must be complementary and consistent to be effective. Promote what you can actually deliver. Do not under-sell it, but do not promise and hope that it can be delivered. Or that the customer will not notice the deficiencies. That never ends well.

The sales effort has to be part of the process after marketing has introduced the customers. Continue to qualify and confirm that you can meet their needs and desires while avoiding the easy sale by telling them whatever they want to hear. The truth is better, even if it’s a disappointment.

Then customer service makes sure that the promises are met with competence, helpful support and a friendly smile that says, “Y’all come back now.” And they will.

Be better. Do better.

Your Uncle Ralph, Del Chatterson

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