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What crisis?

What crisis?

Who needs a crisis?

In times of crisis, it is easier to justify tough decisions. But why wait for a crisis? The challenges of business day-to-day should be sufficient to justify making those decisions all the time.

We have all observed that the companies that survive a crisis come out stronger, correcting their weaknesses and building resiliency and new capabilities. During a crisis, decisions are made and change happens quickly because everyone understands the urgency and fewer explanations are required.

But the principles for making tough decisions and the right ones for your business are a constant.

Stay focused

Ignore the daily distractions. Recognize what is relevant to meeting your strategic objectives and what is not. Review your plan and your path, make adjustments, but do not keep changing plans.

Stay relevant

Be aware of the competitive landscape, new competitors and changing customer preferences and adapt quickly.

Keep communicating

Your management team, employees, banker and strategic partners need to be aware of your current challenges, opportunities, your assessment and your plans.

Don’t wait for the crisis

Be better. Do better.

Your Uncle Ralph, Del Chatterson

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