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Twenty-something employees

I was in a good discussion today on the special challenges of managing young employees from the twenty-something generation.

There is often a large gap in job expectations between the 30 to 40-year old managers and their younger staff. Loyalty, extra hours, and commitment to the company are concepts familiar to the managers but foreign to new employees. Their key issues are flexibility, social time, open communication and personal attention. Work habits may include continuous connection to their cell phone and online text messaging. These young employees present management with new challenges to attract, recruit and retain them.

Meeting their needs is difficult in an environment that has to remain equitable for all employees and still be a productive and customer-centered work place. Progressive companies have found creative ways to achieve their goals and to meet the expectations of desirable young employees.

They have implemented flexible work schedules within reasonable limits, make senior managers accessible, and recognize personal needs that have priority over job responsibilities. Adapting old personnel practices to the expectations of the newest employees requires careful assessment and implementation. It is worth learning from the successful employers so that your company can also become recognized as a great place to work. It is key to attracting and retaining the best qualified employees.

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