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Time for a Business Tune-up?

Start with a SNAP Review Business Diagnostic

SNAP: Strategic Needs Assessment and Performance Review

A comprehensive business diagnostic will assess your strategic position, your plans and objectives and analyze your current performance to identify opportunities for improvement.

It includes a review of the issues with management, employees and customers and an analysis of financial results, sales and marketing performance, customer service and operating effectiveness. It will lead to a new plan that is more in line with your strategic objectives and delivers higher profitability and performance.

Our recommended approach

Start with a survey of the competitive landscape and your position in it. How do you fit in to meet customer needs? Do customers see you as a Porsche or a pick-up truck? Are your marketing campaigns and sales pitches all aligned with your strategic plan, on message, and directed at the right prospects with targeted opportunities?

Internally, the business diagnostic should include a survey of management and staff perceptions. Are you fun and friendly or severe and stressful? Do they see you supporting personal development and encouraging initiative in pursuit of business objectives?

Financial performance should be measured not only against your plans and forecasts, but also against industry average ratios and the performance of the best in your business.  Look at your operating margins, leverage ratios, inventory and receivables turnover, sales performance in dollars per square foot or per sales rep or per dollar invested in plant and equipment. How do you compare?

When the business diagnostic is complete, share the results with your management team and develop a realistic plan to improve on the key performance measures and accelerate progress toward your strategic objectives.

It starts with a comprehensive and objective diagnostic and ends with a new plan.

Consider a Quick SNAP Review from DirectTech Solutions

Fixed Fee Diagnostic – only $1795


  1. Initial review of company background, sales and marketing performance and financial results.

  2. Discussion with management of the strategic plan and objectives and current key issues.

  3. Survey of up to three key staff members and three key employees.

  4. Presentation of our analysis and recommendations

Visit DirectTech Solutions to learn more.

Limited offer to qualified clients. Standard consulting agreement applicable.

Please contact us to discuss your needs and how we may be able to assist you in doing better for your business.

Your Uncle Ralph, Del Chatterson

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