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This is the new normal. Get used to it.

This is the new normal

Get used to it.

Like the 9/11 terrorist attacks in 2001, the effect of the Covid-19 pandemic, twenty years later, has changed everything and I think we have to accept that we have arrived at the new normal for our lives and our businesses for the near future.

From now on we will be applying new measures and following new rules and regulations to avoid unnecessary risks to our collective health and security and to mitigate the negative effects on the global economy and our personal lives. We would prefer, of course, to go back to the old familiar routines without all the distractions, annoyances and hazards arising from the pandemic, but the danger continues and the pandemic threats may never end. So let’s get used to it.

Is this really as good as it gets?

A lot has changed in people’s attitudes and behaviour over the past two years. It’s not all bad, some of the trends toward more positive changes in society have been accelerated. We have learned some new approaches that should continue to apply –– to be more socially aware and to take better care of ourselves, and each other, and the planet. We still have to get better at persuading those who deny the problems and resist the solutions to have them accept what we consider more socially responsible approaches.

Remember the important advice to listen and seek to understand before seeking to be understood.

In adjusting to the new normal in your business and personal plans, here are a few points to consider:

  1. Customer and employee expectations have changed. Personal health and safety have become extremely important issues for both. They want to avoid contact with the unruly and irresponsible disrupters who ignore health guidelines. (Or they want the freedom to make their own choices and be among others who feel the same way.)

  2. The selection criteria for doing business with you, or working for you, have changed too. The price, quality and service level will be less important than shared values and beliefs on social issues, not only related to the pandemic and public health concerns, but also issues of equity, equality, diversity, racism, bigotry, and the environment.

  3. Keeping up with innovative competition and new business models is becoming more challenging.

Are you ready to retain and acquire the most demanding customers and the most capable and effective employees? Do you have the same selection criteria as they do? Are you ready to live and work in the post-Covid19 era and make your personal and business decisions accordingly?

Don’t forget to take care of yourself, take care of each other, and still have fun and make a difference!

Be better. Do better. 

Del Chatterson, your Uncle Ralph

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