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The light is green 

The light is green 

Coming out of the dark tunnel

According to the experts in pandemics and public health we are approaching that light at the end of the tunnel and it’s not red!  Of course, only the politicians who dictate the rules of play can decide if we’re actually out of the dark tunnel of restrictions on our businesses and social lives, but we seem to be making progress and learning to accept the new normal of continuing public heath risks and the necessary means of protecting ourselves.

So maybe it’s time to turn our attention to other global concerns – climate change, the rising power of China, the military threats of Russia, abuse of human rights, social conflict and the decline of effective democratic institutions and rational, responsible behaviour. We might be limited in what we can do to help resolve these issues, but we can definitely do more than watch and worry. We can do better than the panic or paralysis that seems to be the objective of non-stop media messaging on what to watch and what to worry about.

Let’s be more selective in the information we use in our decision-making and more thoughtful in determining our response. It not as simple as choosing who to believe or what to believe. We have to apply critical thinking in the context of our current situation and the world around us. Mature and responsible citizens recognize that protecting rights and freedoms comes with responsibilities to respect the same rights and freedoms of others. We can survive, thrive and live well, if we work together.

We have to do what we can to make the world a safe place for everyone, in addition to directing our focus and our efforts back on our own selfish interests in ourselves, our families, and our businesses. Balancing those priorities are the essence of responsible citizenship and enlightened entrepreneurship.

Be better. Do better. 

Del Chatterson, your Uncle Ralph

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