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Strategic error by Spieth at the Masters

Stick to the plan until the match is over

Jordan Spieth's strategic error cost him a win

After an excellent first nine holes, he decided he could play safe with a six stroke lead. That's when the wheels started to wobble and then fell off at the 12th. In three holes he lost six strokes, while Danny Willett continued the best round of the day with two more birdies. Suddenly Spieth was behind. In spite of regaining control for birdies himself on the 13th and 15th, he finished tied for second. After winning last year and holding the lead for seven consecutive rounds, he lost the chance to make history by joining only Jack Nicklaus, Nick Faldo and Tiger Woods in winning two consecutive Masters Championships.

In commenting on his shocking fall from the lead, Spieth admitted that he had adjusted his strategy to playing cautiously for par, instead of continuing to strive for birdies. “I took just a little off my swing and the ball started to float right. On the 12th I just compounded the error.”

The lesson for entrepreneurs

So the lesson appears to be to stay with your winning strategy, until it doesn’t work anymore.

Do not adopt a new strategy until a correction is clearly required. Avoid continuously assessing and adjusting your strategy, focus instead on execution and the results. Monitor feedback and adjust only the tactics, techniques and processes to achieve the desired performance.

 You will never win every round, but you will win more often if you stick to the plan and execute well. And you will continue to get better at the game.

Your Uncle Ralph, Del Chatterson

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