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Storytelling. With a purpose.


With a purpose.

It may seem odd that I’m writing business advice for entrepreneurs at the same time as I’m writing crime fiction novels about an entrepreneur, but it’s actually quite consistent with my lifetime passion for telling stories – to share ideas, information and inspiration in a memorable way.

Different stories, different audiences; same purpose. 

It’s an important and effective communications strategy. You may have used it yourself or been aware of others doing it well. A flashy PowerPoint slideshow is no match for a good story told to make the point. Consider a recent TED Talk, sales pitch or political speech that stuck with you and persuaded you to think differently. The message was probably reinforced by a compelling personal story.

On meeting a new client or associate, the exchange of stories quickly establishes the areas of common experience and the differences that might be obstacles or advantages in building a productive relationship.

Are you a good storyteller? Do you recognize the talent in others? Or the lack of talent as they mess up the punch line in a good joke or tell a rambling tale of this and that without getting to the point? You can get better at it by observing the best, reading and listening attentively, and learning what works best.

Storytelling: Do it well for your own purposes.

Be better. Do better. Be an enlightened entrepreneur.  

Del Chatterson, your Uncle Ralph

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