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Running into a burning building.

Another exciting week for investors.

Was it the bottom finally? Did you have the nerve to jump back in and was your timing right?

The advice of most so-called experts was either to stop watching and worrying or start buying at the bargain prices available. The latter advice sounds to me like being at a big game when someone yells "Fire!" and thousands panic and run for the exits, but your buddy suggests now is a good time to buy front row tickets from someone on their way out; then head back in.

That's a good plan if the fire is out and the game is back on. Not so good if its getting worse before it gets better. Maybe if you can grab a season ticket at a good price then be patient until everyone comes back in again.

Who knows?

It's a good time to remember it was always a risky investment and we've been here before. This too shall pass.

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