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Resilience – Fighting fatigue and frustration.

Resilience - Fighting fatigue and frustration.

What is resilience?

It’s not just bouncing back after a major setback or getting through difficult times. It’s not only about celebrities and superstars recovering from serious injuries or illness and returning to top performance again; it’s also about business owners getting back to work, serving customers and providing a boost to employees and the local economy.

In product design and engineering, resilience is the built-in ability to absorb or avoid damage without suffering complete failure. You have that ability too.  Remind yourself of the severe challenges that you’ve survived in the past.

You can handle this. Don’t let the (whatever) grind you down!

Resilience is stubborn resistance to fatigue and frustration. Avoiding poor performance and bad decisions – like giving up, or defiant opposition to doing what needs to be done. Resilience means it's time to suck it up, call on your reserves and find more creative ways to respond to difficult circumstances. Inspire yourself and others to do what’s necessary.

Be resilient. Be strong and persistent, retain your guiding principles and follow your moral compass. You’ll get back on the path to where you want to be.

Be better. Do better. 

Del Chatterson, your Uncle Ralph

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