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Play by the rules

Play by the rules

And you can’t win?

My first crime fiction novel about an enlightened entrepreneur fighting crime and corruption was called, NO EASY MONEY, with the subtitle “You never win playing by the rules.” It was based on my own experiences and many entrepreneurs seem to agree that both sentiments are true - making money is not easy and you have to cheat to win.

But you probably don’t have to read the novel to know that my intent was to prove that an enlightened entrepreneur can succeed playing by the rules, including the unwritten rules to respect and protect both people and the planet. In the novel, it’s the bad guy who makes the statement, “You never win playing by the rules” and he does succeed in to making fast cash by cheating and stealing from his employees and his competitors, but in the end he loses everything. His crooked business partners are more ruthless and dangerous than him and he does not survive. Bad choices have bad consequences.

It is true that there’s no easy money in business, but cheating and stealing is no way to ensure long term success. Play by the rules and you can still win.

And be proud of how you did it.

Be better. Do Better. Be an Enlightened Entrepreneur.

Del Chatterson, your Uncle Ralph

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