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Neglect the negative. Be creative.

Neglect the negative

Be creative

(This article is based on ideas from Uncle Ralph’s Random Ramblings in DON’T DO IT THE HARD WAY - 2020 Edition)

In our current preoccupation with pandemic paranoia and political drama, we need to redirect our energies to more productive plans for next year. Start by looking back and deciding what is most worthy of a repeat performance.

Remember the good old days?

Not a year ago, before Covid 19, and not five years ago before Trump, but ten or twenty years ago. Remember the nineties?  Before Twitter and Facebook filled all our unoccupied headspace.  Before we wasted time on another angry or inane Tweet, a much too personal post on Facebook or a self-obsessed photo on Instagram.

Remember the pleasure and the serious, revealing and rewarding communications we used to have with a thoughtful email exchange or a long leisurely telephone conversation? How long ago has it been?

Be Creative

Turn off the news channel and the incessant preoccupation with the pandemic and politics. Be creative. Remember the good old days and pick some favourite memories – things you’ve done, places you visited and the people you were with. Share the memories and plan to do it again.

Next year is coming soon. Make plans to make it better.

Don’t sit and wait for somebody else to fix everything that was wrong with 2020.  As David Brooks says in The Second Mountain, “society is a massive conspiracy to distract you from the important choices of life in order to help you fixate on the unimportant ones.”

Don’t be distracted.

Be better. Do better.

Del Chatterson, your Uncle Ralph

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