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Looking for Readers & Reviewers, please.

Looking for Readers & Reviewers, please.

New 2020 Editions from your Uncle Ralph

Please take a look. Take 3 seconds, 3 minutes or 3 hours if you have time and let me know what you think. Covers or content, style or presentation. I’m looking for honest critics and cheerleaders to join my mission and help support and promote Enlightened Entrepreneurship.

Any and all feedback is much appreciated. It helps readers know what to expect and helps me to write a better book next time. Please share this email and the links below with more readers   and make the same request. Help me spread the word for more readers and more feedback.

New 2020 Editions of Uncle Ralph’s books for Enlightened Entrepreneurs – Advance Copies – Limited Time Offer. 

 For entrepreneurs to be better and do better. How to start, manage, grow and exit the business. Two simple messages in two easy-to-read books for business owner-managers: Have a plan. Avoid the mistakes.

 Practical advice for Enlightened Entrepreneurs to be better and do better. With real life stories to illustrate the tips, tools and tactics to get the results you want. Ideas, information and inspiration from Uncle Ralph’s thirty years of experience as an entrepreneur, consultant, advisor, writer and cheerleader for entrepreneurs.

 Don't Do It the Hard Way

"A wise man learns from the mistakes of others. Only a fool insists on making his own."

Learn how to avoid the Seven Biggest Mistakes that Entrepreneurs make.

Only $9.95 US/CDN on & Free E-book @ Bookfunnel-HardWay

The Complete Do-It-Yourself Guide to Business Plans

Do-It-Yourself Business Plan?  Yes you can!

Get the Results you want. From Start-up to Exit.

Only $7.95 US/CDN on &  Free E-book Bookfunnel-DIYBusPlan

Be an Enlightened Entrepreneur.  Be better.  Do better.

And don’t neglect to wash your hands! Stay safe, be well and take care of each other.

Your Uncle Ralph,

Del Chatterson

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