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Let’s take the politics out of it

Let’s take the politics out of it

Make better decisions

We seem to be in an era described by commentators as post-reality politics. It’s all about making the pitch and telling a compelling story. The politicians have learned that successful marketers are the best storytellers.

But, they have also learned they can they can make the sale even if the story is complete fiction. The listeners are buying it. The critics and fact checkers are ignored or accused of bias. The lies and invented narratives are not unique to Trump or Republicans and although most effectively demonstrated by Nixon, Reagan and the other Clinton, the tactics have been used for a century. It’s important to have a good story to support the political arguments, so “creativity” is justified.

Unfortunately for voters, there is no consumer protection or return policy. Just watch, wait, and hope for the best, until the next election.

So in politics, as in business and life, let’s make better decisions based on the ideals not the ideology, the facts not the fiction, the reality not the rhetoric, the answers not the anger, and the principles not the personalities.

We’re all counting on you.

Your Uncle Ralph, Del Chatterson

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