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Let’s be reasonable

Let’s be reasonable

You cannot win an argument by raising the volume.

It’s not because they cannot hear you that they are not buying it. You need to be more persuasive. They need to be more reasonable, or rational, or intelligent. Right?

Because they are clearly too emotional, ignorant or biased. Maybe. But thinking it and saying it out loud are both a mistake.

Stay calm. Listen and try not to react to the accusations that you are the one who is too emotional, ignorant or biased. Attacking the opponent’s character or explaining away objections are a sign of weak arguments. Dig a little deeper.

Where are the objections really coming from? Consider the point of view of your opponent (customer, prospect, boss or employee). Maybe they have valid input or questions that you had not considered. Maybe you are wrong and need to re-work your pitch.

If both sides are reasonable and ready to listen, you may actually both make progress.

Keep working on it.

Your Uncle Ralph, Del Chatterson

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