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It’s just business. Never personal.

It's just business.

Never personal.

I recently completed my fourth novel about an entrepreneur and his crime-fighting buddy, called Bad Boys in Boston. The sub-title was, It's just business, never personal. However, it’s about a young woman in the family being kidnapped into the sex trade and it’s very personal.

In business too, it often is. But you have to know when not to take it personally. Like the

salesman who came back to the office after his first sales call of the day and said, “I already got three orders!” Unfortunately, they were, “Get out,” “Stay out,” and “Don’t come back.” Hard not to take that personally. “Why don’t they like me?”

But it’s better to step back and decide it’s not me, it’s something else. Maybe it was the wrong place at the wrong time with the wrong pitch.

Don’t take everything personally. Be selective.

Do I really care about this? Is there a message I’m missing?

Maybe I need to make it more personal to understand what I should do differently for better results. Maybe I need to make it less personal to avoid the emotional response on both sides.

Be better. Do better. Be an enlightened entrepreneur.  

Del Chatterson, your Uncle Ralph

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