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How to be a successful Enlightened Entrepreneur

How to be a successful Enlightened Entrepreneur

An extract from the Staples Spotlight Event, August 19th, on ENLIGHTENED ENTREPRENEURSHIP.

The full one-hour ZOOM recording is also available online with Staples at:

You can scan quickly through the presentation to the specific slides or topics that interest you most. Enjoy the “real” experience with other participants.

What is an Enlightened Entrepreneur?

Someone building a sustainable business based on loyal, long-term, profitable customer relationships while recognizing and respecting the needs of  Employees, Customers, Business Partners, Communities, Society and the Planet

How to be a successful Enlightened Entrepreneur

·       Have a Purpose and a Plan

·       Avoid the Big Mistakes

Three steps to Success

1.     Design and Build

2.     Produce, Package & Promote

3.     Sell like Hell!

Simple principles leading to success as an Enlightened Entrepreneur. Yes, you can do it too.

I hope you are staying well and succeeding with your challenges. I look forward to you joining us in supporting and promoting Enlightened Entrepreneurship.

Be better. Do better.

And please take care of each other,

Your Uncle Ralph,

Del Chatterson

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