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Guy Kawasaki

Introducing Guy Kawasaki, former Apple Mac evangelist, venture capitalist and business philosopher.

I've added him to my recommended Blogs, based on two great articles; 10-20-30 guide to PowerPoint and Zen for Business Plans (look 'em up on Google before you see it here).

His first Blog by way of introduction.

Better Late Than Arrogant

Welcome to my first attempt at blogging. Admittedly, I’m three years behind the bleeding edge, but I had to get over the inherent arrogance of blogging: that people would give a shitake about what I have to say. A book every two or three years is one thing, but a daily blog? (Not that I’m committing to daily blog.) However, many people pounded on me, so here goes. Not that you can hold me to this, but I’ll write about entrepreneurship, venture capital, innovation, public speaking, Macintosh, and hockey. From time to time, I will also discuss things that I do not “know,” but I’ve never let ignorance get in the way of expressing an opinion—and clearly, very few bloggers do! So let the good times roll…

Written at Atherton, California. December 30, 2005.

I have to agree with what he says about bloggers. I reached the same conclusion about writing for myself - who cares if I know what I'm talking about! I have an opinion or an idea and I'm determined to share it. Although I do try to remember the warning from my mother, "Don't waste your time confusing them with the facts when they've already made up their minds." I don't want to be one of those people.

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