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Good Advice Never goes bad.  

Updated: Feb 25

Good Advice

Never goes bad.

It's early in the New Year so it's still a good time to step back and Avoid the Biggest Mistake #3 that Entrepreneurs Make -  Lack of strategic direction. Getting lost in the daily details and neglecting the strategic objectives and plan.

It may be helpful to go back to the basic principals that got you this far. Re-consider the good advice that you accepted in the beginning and that allowed you to achieve the early milestones on your path and overcome the obstacles along the way. Times have changed and advances in technology and management tools along with evolving expectations of customers, employees, business associates and regulatory authorities have completely changed the competitive landscape, moved the milestones, and increased the obstacles, but the basic principles of strategic leadership, effective management, and successful entrepreneurship still apply.

It's necessary to be knowledgeable of the changes that affect your business and

its performance, but returning to your original sources of wisdom and guidance is more likely to provide answers than the trendy self-promoting experts and influencers who are pounding you loudly and persistently for your time and money.

I recommend a return to the good advice of the supportive family and friends, business associates, mentors and colleagues, and the old gurus still sitting on your bookshelf  and waiting patiently for your attention. At a quick glance, I see on my bookshelf Tom Peters, Henry Mintzberg, Peter Drucker, Jim Collins, Steven Covey, Harvey Mackay, Seth Godin, Guy Kawasaki, Michael Gerber, David Chilton, Anthony Robbins and more. All worth re-reading to extract the richest nuggets.

Who's on your reading list that's worth re-reading and recommending to the rest of us?

Let's share ideas and inspiration based on guiding principles that still work, even in the post-Covid era and in spite of the accelerated distortions of reality by artificial intelligence and the raging madness on social media.

Be better. Do Better. Be an Enlightened Entrepreneur.

Del Chatterson, your Uncle Ralph

* Reference: DON'T DO IT THE HARD WAY - Avoid the Seven Biggest Mistakes that Entrepreneurs Make

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