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Getting political – Part 2

Getting political - Part 2

Last week’s newsletter and Blog post on Getting Political got a stronger than usual response from readers and pretty much confirmed my point that once you’ve declared your politics you may have to decide whether you can stay friends and business associates or you have to terminate the relationship.

Talking politics is unavoidable, but arguing about it is not good for any relationship. Explaining your position and trying to change people’s minds seems to be entirely out of the question. As my mother once said when I was campaigning for MP in my old home town 20+ years ago, “There’s no use explaining the facts, they’ve already made up their minds.” Even if you don’t declare your politics, people will make up their minds about you and decide accordingly.

So for doing business and maintaining good personal relationships, be careful about declaring or defending your political views. Or just avoid the subject.

And in other news:

We’re past Labour Day now and back to school and back to work. Back to school is not just for kids, it applies to entrepreneurs too. That’s the whole purpose of my writing for entrepreneurs – to share ideas, information and inspiration to help us all do better, and be better, and to support and encourage enlightened entrepreneurship.

In my own back to school project, I am currently reorganising my website and reviewing the most relevant and useful content and the design and integration with my social media sites. I would appreciate any feedback that you may have to keep me on track.

You can review the latest at: LearningEntrepreneurship Blogs or take a look at some of the most popular posts over the last decade:    

Thank you for staying connected.

Del Chatterson, your Uncle Ralph

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