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Fragmented or focused?


Or focused?

In discussing politics and social issues these days, there is a lot of debate around fragmented media – both traditional and online – and the negative consequences of people remaining in their “bubble” of commentators and audiences, who all seem to agree on shared ideologies and opinions. These bubbles are too often abused and manipulated to reinforce false narratives and to provoke anger and ignorance into aggressive action against presumed foes.

Fragmented media are not effective at resolving differences or promoting intelligent analysis and developing solutions to political and societal problems.

But lets talk business.

From a business perspective it’s a brilliant strategy – focus on shared values and beliefs to build long-term loyal relationships with customers, employees, and business partners.

It’s an essential element of branding and corporate culture to enunciate guiding principles, values and beliefs to attract “believers” to the organisation. Not just loyal, dedicated customers, employees, and business partners, but enthusiastic evangelists!

That’s the way to build a sustainable business. Whether it’s a local restaurant or a global multinational brand. “Just do it!”

Targeted marketing communications adapted to small market segments can be very effective. Every customer gets positive reinforcement that they belong in the group and that they are respected both for what they have in common and for how they are different.

Fragmented marketing is good if you’re focused.

Be better. Do better. Be an enlightened entrepreneur.  

Del Chatterson, your Uncle Ralph

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