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For your reading pleasure – reduced prices & free E-books

For your reading pleasure - reduced prices & free E-books.

Crime fiction and advice for entrepreneurs

Dear friends, fellow writers and readers,

We're missing the pleasure of meeting face to face during this challenging period and even if I am used to working at home alone and mostly online, it’s been more than a month of isolation in Montreal and it’s getting harder to find creative ways to avoid pandemic anxiety.

So I’m using the opportunity to share all my books online with any interested and enthusiastic readers while we remain unable to meet at the local bookstore for a chance to share my books in person. Below are links to all my books at special Covid-19 reduced prices on print copies and free E-book copies to download. If you’ve already exhausted your bookshelf of John Grisham novels or business reading, you might find these an interesting read during our extended period of self-isolation. Of course, you’re welcome to share the links or the books with anyone else who might be looking for something new and different.

Check out the three novels, including the latest, MERGER MANIAC, and NEW 2020 Editions of the business books at my Author website  You’ll find direct links there to all the books on Amazon & Indigo, but for the best price and delivery of Author-signed copies go to my Author Direct Bookstore at CANAM books:

For download access to the free E-books, if you prefer that format, here are the direct links to each book:

Dale Hunter Thrillers - crime novels about a Montreal entrepreneur fighting crime and corruption in the 1980s international computer business:

2020 Editions of Uncle Ralph’s business books:

Don't Do It the Hard Way "A wise man learns from the mistakes of others. Only a fool insists on making his own." Learn how to avoid the Seven Biggest Mistakes that Entrepreneurs make. Free E-book @ Bookfunnel-HardWay:

The Complete Do-It-Yourself Guide to Business Plans Do-It-Yourself Business Plan?  Yes you can!  Get the Results you want. From Start-up to Exit. Free E-book Bookfunnel-DIYBusPlan:

Note: If you choose to buy a print copy, currently @ CDN$ 7.95 & $ 9.95, I thank you for the support.

Please be assured that I continue to promise all my supporters, readers and fans, that 15% of net book royalties from the Dale Hunter Series of novels and the business books will be shared with my favourite worthy causes - KIVA, UNICEF, MSF & Amnesty International – and during this period of pandemic crisis I will be contributing more than 100% of the book royalties for March, April, May, June of 2020 to local organisations providing pandemic relief.   

Enjoy your reading and I hope to see you soon. Probably still no high-fives, handshakes, hugs or kisses on two cheeks anytime soon, but we will get to the end of this strange reality we’re living in now.

Stay safe, be well and take care of yourselves,

Del Chatterson

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