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Every business is a social enterprise

Every business is a social enterprise

It’s an evolution of the community

The term “social enterprise” is starting to get annoying. Over-worked jargon used to make entrepreneurship in general or a particular business seeking support appear more appealing and acceptable to a cynical public that sees every business as evil and driven by the sole objective of making money for the executives and the owner/shareholders.

Often the promoters of social entrepreneurship come across as “holier than thou,” suggesting “I’m a good person and you are not, you filthy capitalist.” Maybe I’m being too cynical, but let’s dig a little deeper before giving one entrepreneur more credit than another for being socially responsible. Attaching a label does not answer all questions.

Let’s define a social enterprise as one whose primary objective is to address social issues. It can still be a good, sustainable and profitable business. And there is every reason to be optimistic that entrepreneurs can apply their skills in leadership, management and innovation to deliver effective solutions to social problems.

Is every charitable organisation or non-profit effective as a social enterprise? No. Some are corrupt, some are incompetent. Some pay their executives more than any profit-oriented enterprise could justify. So their positive impact on society and social issues is actually less than the enlightened business that recognizes its responsibilities to employees, customers, suppliers, strategic partners, its community and the planet, and responds effectively.

Is every profit-oriented business an evil enterprise creating social problems? No. But some are greedy, selfish, or incompetent and they do exploit employees, customers, suppliers, strategic partners, their communities and the planet. Fortunately they will not last.

The future will be better with both social enterprises and enlightened entrepreneurship.

Let’s speed up the process of natural selection, by supporting those that meet the criteria of having a positive impact on society. Let the others go extinct.

Your Uncle Ralph, Del Chatterson

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